Completed Projects

Feasibility Studies and Detailed Designs Contracts

No Name of the Project Client Project Cost (Rs. Mn.) Completed Year
1 Feasibility Study for the Development of Water Resources in Nothern Province MMDE 39.7 Feb 2018
2 Feasibility Study of NCP Canal, Improvements / Modifications to Huruluwewa Reservoir, Existing Anicuts at Ilukwewa and Ellapothana and Detailed Designs of New Anicut Attabadiwewa across Yan Oya. MIWRM 43.7 Oct 2015
3 Consultancy Services for Detailed Design of Upper Elahera Canal (UEC), Kaluganga Moragahakanda Link Canal and Mannakkattiya – Eru wewa – Mahakanadarawa Irrigation System MIWRM 44 Sept 2015
4 Consultancy Services for Detailed Design and Preparation of Construction Drawings and Specifications of North Western Province Canal Project (NWPCP) MIWRM 43.7 Aug 2015
5 Updating of Modified Structure plan with Total Cost Estimate (TCE) and Feasibility Design of Main & Branch Canals of Maduru Oya RightBank of System B – Stage II MIWRM 41 Dec 2014
6 Consultancy Services for Comprehensive Hydrological / Water Balance Study and Finalization of Configuration of Proposed Randenigala – Kalu Ganga Transfer Canal Complex MIWRM 41.5 Feb 2014
7 Feasibility study & tender design for raising of spillway of maduru oya dam and preparation of development plan for balance works in left bank of system B. MIWRM 34.67 Dec 2014
8 Consultancy Services for Feasibility Studies and detailed designs of Raising/ Modifications to Minipe Anicut and Rehabilitation of Minipe Left Bank Canal. MIWRM 43.6 April 2013
9 Consultancy Services on modifications to configuration of Moragahakanda – Kaluganga M-K) Projects to integrate North Central Province (NCP) Canal Project Layout MIWRM 43.5 May 2013
10 Consultancy Services for Feasibility Studies and Detailed Designs of Diversion of Mahaweli Water to Upper Mi Oya and Hakwatuna Oya Basins in Kurunegala District via Existing Bowatenna Tunnel MIWRM 43.1 May 2013
11 Consultancy Services on Modifying Structure Plan, Upgrading Total Cost Estimate (TEC) and Detailed Designs and Preparation of Tender Documents of Main and Branch Canals of Maduru Oya Right Bank of System B MIWRM 43 Jan 2013









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