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Project Management Division of Mahaweli Consultancy Bureau provides consultancy services mainly for the water resources development and irrigation development projects in Sri Lanka. Our consultancy services spread in a wide spectrum such as Environmental assessments including Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA’s), Initial Environmental Examination (IEE’s), Social Impact Assessments (SIA), Resettlement Action Plans (RAP). Moreover, Engineering Consultancy services including Pre-feasibility, Feasibility and Detailed designs studies for water resources development projects as well.


Further, MCB has provided consultancy services jointly with the Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd in India to implement the micro irrigation systems in three model farms in mahaweli areas (Moragahakanda, Rajanganaya and Thambuttegama) under the Ministry of irrigation and Water Resources Management. Micro irrigation systems have added advantage of being suitable for production of high value crops. At the same time it is a good solution at times of water stress, such as droughts which are common in dry zones. There are the other benefits such as providing opportunities to apply other inputs in production, such as fertilizer more scientifically in combination with many agricultural practices. The projects were successfully completed in year 2014. It was observed that Sri Lanka would benefit immensely by promotion of this technology wider application.

Likewise, during past few years we have provided our services to major state authorities such as Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment, Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources Management, Department of Irrigation, Ministry of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development etc. mainly in the fields of environmental assessments and feasibility studies of water resources development projects.  In addition, currently we are providing services to the National Water supply and Drainage Board as well.


Further, the MCB has completed all those consultancy assignments successfully assuring the standard quality of the studies/assignments. At present we are carrying out similar consultancy works of different state agencies. Our goal is to fulfill customers/clients requirements to an optimum level and to provide fruitful services for customer satisfaction.











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