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Mahaweli Consultancy Bureau(Private) Limited was incorporated on the 18th of June 1998 under the Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka Act No.23 of 1979 for the object of providing Engineering and Consultancy services.

The organization is run by 3 directors, Dr.Harsha Samaraweera (Chairman / Director), Eng. K.L.S. Sahabandu (Director) and Eng. L.R.H. Perera (Director). All the Directors have individual experience in the field of Engineering and Consultancy services. At the same time, the Company has a team of well experienced and qualified Employees of foresight who had the courage to change course at key points along the way so that the Company could remain competitive and continue to lead its industry.

 We have been in business for more than over 15 years and during that time we have grown to a reputed organization with over 30 permanent employees. We have been contracted by government and non-government organizations for their Engineering and Consultancy services.











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 Mahaweli Consultancy Bureau (Private) Limited.

No 11 Jawatta Road,

Colombo 5,

Sri Lanka.


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